We are a specialty medical technology company committed to developing and commercializing innovative wound care and drug delivery systems based on our patented technologies.


Our mission is to improve the lives of patients the world over by delivering comprehensive solutions that optimize outcomes for the key stakeholders in our healthcare systems: patients, providers and payers.



Two Patented Technology Platforms with Numerous Applications

Wound Healing Technology: Altrazeal®

Altrazeal® is a new class of material designed to optimize the wound bed environment and accelerate healing. Produced as a sterile powder, Altrazeal® is unique in application and performance on a moist wound surface. When applied to a moist wound, the powder interacts with wound exudate and hydrates. Hydration with exudate causes the powder to aggregate irreversibly and form a moist wound dressing which conforms to the surface of a wound bed and seals the wound. 

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Transmucosal Drug Delivery: OraDisc

A novel, patented, cost-effective, commercially-viable, water-erodible pharmaceutical carrier device, the multi-layered device may be applied to mucosal surfaces, and adheres immediately, delivering actives to treat specific localized diseases/disorders. OraDisc technology can deliver drugs systemically across the mucosal surface or for the release of drugs into the oral cavity. The device causes minimum discomfort, is easy to apply and capable of providing tailored erosion rates to deliver therapeutics over different time intervals.

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